Simon Vinkenoog & Constant, 19962

Met Simon Vinkenoog naar het New Babylon van Constant


Accompanying Simon Vinkenoog to Constant's New Babylon). Lies Westenburg visits Constant at his studio with writer Simon Vinkenoog. Simon and Constant discuss the ideas behind the New babylon project. A film by Wim Smits (camera), Simon Vinkenoog (commentary), Lies Westenburg (director), 15 min, 1962.

Fondation Constant

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Broadcast on May 18, 1961-KRO



In Gyromorphosis, film maker Hy Hirsch strives to display the kinetic qualities of the New Babylon structures of Constant Nieuwenhuys. One by one he puts parts of the structures in motion and films the details with colored lighting having them overlap each other, appear and disappear. He creates a sensation of acceleration and suspence suggested by the work itself, 07 min, 1958.
The film can be found on the website of the British Film Institute.