Experimentelen in de Bijenkorf

Experimentelen in de Bijenkorf


Article about an exhibition of the Experimentele Groep Holland in de Bijenkorf in 1949 by Graham Birtwistle in Jong Holland nr. 5, 1988.

Utrecht toont de nieuwe Constants, 1985

Utrecht toont de nieuwe Constants


Interview with Constant in the run-up to the exhibition Constant | Werk uit de periode 1975-1985 in Centraal Museum Utrecht.

Constant Nieuwenhuys, Après nous la liberté, 1949

Een Constant voor de Tate Galerie


Short notification in Kunstecho's about the Tate Gallery's acquisition of the work, Après Nou La Liberté, 1949.

Septentrion, 1975

Le groupe cobra à paris


Article by Erik Slagter on the Cobra group in the quarterly magazine, Septentrion, 1/1975. Septentrion represents a view of the literary, cultural and social life in Flanders and the Netherlands. Also it pays attention to the relations between the French speaking and Dutch speaking world since 1972.

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Verschroeide aarde, 1951

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Verschroeide aarde


Article on Constant in OKV, 11e editie.

Constant the artist: Beyond New Babylon-Holland Herald, 1971

Constant the artist: Beyond New Babylon


Article on Constant and New Babylon by Fanny Kelk for Insight Holland in the Holland Herald, Edition 12, nr 11, 1977