Ons gevoel van vrijheid | Verhalen, gedichten en kunst voor Amnesty International, 1999

Ons gevoel van vrijheid

oa Maya Angelou, Václav Havel, Judith Herzeberg
Collection of in-depth essays and project documentation

Collection of short stories, texts, poetry and art for Amnesty International compiled by Daan Bronkhorst to celebrate its 40 year existence.

Constant | Grabados y litografías, 1998

Constant | Grabados y litografías

Josefina Núñez

Catalogue with the exhibition Constant | Grabados y litografías at Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas.

Situationistische Internationale 1957-1972, 1998

Situationistische Internationale 1957-1972

Lóránd Hegy, Libero Andreotti, Roberto Ohrt, Troels Andersen, Dieter Schrage

A catalogue with the exhibition Situationistische Internationale 1957-1972 at Museum des moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien im 20er Haus, 1998.

COBRA 50 År, 1998


Christian Gether, Holger Reenberg, Per Hovdenakk, Trine Ross, Henrik Holm, Egill Jacobsen, Asger Jorn, Constant

Catalogue with manifest and work accompanying the exhibition COBRA 50 År at the Arken Museum for Moderne Kunst in Denmark.

Constant's New Babylon. The Hyper-Architercture of Desire

The Hyper-Architecture of Desire

Mark Wigley

Accompanies the exhibition New Babylon-The Hyper-Architecture of Desire from November 21st, 1998 to January 10th, 1999 at Witte de With, Rotterdam.

010 nai Publishers

The Situationist City, 1998

The Situationist City

Simon Sadler

Simon Sadler searches for the Situationist City among the detritus of tracts, manifestos, and works of art that the SI left behind. The book is divided into three parts. The first, "The Naked City," outlines the Situationist critique of the urban environment as it then existed. The second, "Formulary for a New Urbanism," examines Situationist principles for the city and for city living. The third, "A New Babylon," describes actual designs proposed for a Situationist City.

Archives situationnistes | Volume 1 Documents traduits 1958-1970, 1997

Archives situationnistes

Luc Mercier
Collection of in-depth essays and project documentation
New Babylon, Art en Utopie, 1997

Constant: New Babylon: art et utopie: textes situationistes

edition prepared and presented by Jean-Clarence Lambert

Textes de Constant:
Pour un urbanisme unitaire. L’internationale situationniste (1958-1960)
New Babylon
La révolte de l’Homo ludens

€ 85.00
La Part de L'Oeil | Dossier: L'architecture et son lieu, nr. 13, 1997

La Part de L'Oeil | Dossier: L'architecture et son lieu

Hilde Heynen, Alessandro Anselmi, Marc Berlderbos, Alaine Degange, Eliane Escoubas, René Lanvendhomme, Bertrand Ivanof, Pierre Marchal, Chakè Matossian, Aram Mekhitarian, Luc Richir, Holger Schmid, Jean Stillemans, Philippe Vindal, Viviane Guelfi, Thomas Zacharias, Danielle Arnoux
Collection of in-depth essays and project documentation

P. 53  New Babylon ou les antinomies de l'utopie  | Hilde Heynen
Insert with the magazine:
Dear readers,
After questioning the reports of art and politics, La Part de l'CEil addresses the question of architecture. Continuing the attempt to explore and invent the aesthetic discourse. In our endeavor, our constant desire to put the discourse to the test, we have confronted our hypotheses with the very act of building and living, with architecture in its own right and the difference with other arts.