L'atelier d'Amsterdam, 2000

Constant. L'atelier d'Amsterdam

Jean-Clarence Lambert

This publication presents Constant's work during late period organised by themes, oil paintings, watercolors and graphic work. The text contains the artist's personal reflection on the history of art and his own artistic approach. Constant has always been involved in the movement of ideas and in contemporary social and political history. Jean-Clarence Lambert created this publication from interviews with the artist, letters between them, articles and writings by Constant himself.

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Constant-Gallery Delaive, 2000

Constant 2000

Esther Benyacs

Catalogue for the exposition Constant at Gallery Delaive, 2000

Cobra | Un art expérimental, 2000

Cobra | Un art expérimental

Prof. P. Struyckmans, V. Capelluto-Schor, S. Taevernier-ed, M. Caeymaex-ed, Alain Delaunois-ed

Accompanying the exhibition Cobra | Un art expérimental at art media - hôtel wielemans - huis in Brussel in 2000-2001.

Ons gevoel van vrijheid | Verhalen, gedichten en kunst voor Amnesty International, 1999

Ons gevoel van vrijheid

oa Maya Angelou, Václav Havel, Judith Herzberg
Collection of in-depth essays and project documentation

Collection of short stories, texts, poetry and art for Amnesty International compiled by Daan Bronkhorst to celebrate its 40 year existence.

Another City for Another Life | Constant's New Babylon, 1999

Another City for Another Life

Catherine de Zegher, Mark Wigley

Catalogue for the exhibition Drawing Papers 3 | Another City for Another Life | Constant's New Babylon from November 2 - December 30, 1999 at The Drawing Centre, New York.

Beeldenstorm 3-Henk van Os

Beeldenstorm 3

Henk van Os

Second edition: 2003
Edited by Thijs Tromp and Ineke Middag

De Ideologische Speelsheid van een Cobra kunstenaar, pp. 147-152 on Constant's Laddertje (Little Ladder), 1949.



The Cobra Movement-fifty years, 1999

The Cobra Movement-fifty years

Margot Well, Huang Tsai-lang, Siebe K. Schuur, Willemijn Stokvis, Corneille, Constant, Tseng Fangling-ed

Accompanying the exhibition The Cobra Movement-fifty years in the Koahsiung Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan.

3 dimensionaal Cobra, 1998

3 dimensionaal Cobra

Willemijn Stokvis

This book appeared on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the CoBrA group and the exhibition thereof at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen. The book focuses on the three dimensional work of the Cobra members that had been underexposed till the mid eighties. The author, Willemijn Stokvis, incorporates a lot of material in this book that she was not able to incorporate in her thesis in the seventies.


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The Situationist City, 1998

The Situationist City

Simon Sadler

Simon Sadler searches for the Situationist City among the detritus of tracts, manifestos, and works of art that the SI left behind. The book is divided into three parts. The first, "The Naked City," outlines the Situationist critique of the urban environment as it then existed. The second, "Formulary for a New Urbanism," examines Situationist principles for the city and for city living. The third, "A New Babylon," describes actual designs proposed for a Situationist City.