Constant I 0 I - Celebrating Rebellion

For a while we have been thinking about a way to celebrate the fact that next year it will be 100 years ago since Constant was born. How do you celebrate the life of an artist, whose work still resonates so freely with the world we live in today? Figuring out the answer to this question was a lively journey that I, Kim van der Horst, made, joined by curator, Zippora Elders.

Looking at Constant's work and reading his texts, helped by the many people, who have over the years worked with, been interested in or inspired by his work and ideas, we arrived at the conclusion that to honour Constant you do not look back, you look forward. Looking back on 100 year Constant almost feels stale. Instead we decided to look at where his ideas will take us in the next century. In 2021 we celebrate 101 years of Constant with a multi-disciplinary program of projects all over the Netherlands.

Exploring how young artists, academics, musicians, theatermakers, videographers, writers, filosophers, curators, economists and architects reflect on Constant's work and ideas, Constant 1 0 1 has four main theme's:

New World | Avant-garde, engagement, technology
Playing Man | Living space, Homo ludens, craft
Collective and Conflict | Collaboration, conflict, authorship

Romance and Dialectics | Compassion, contrast, poetry

The program is in full development mode as we speak. More updates will follow.


Constant Nieuwenhuys-Gezicht op New Babylonische sectoren, 1971


Constant Nieuwenhuys-Homo Ludens, 1964


Constant Nieuwenhuys, L'insurrection, 1984


Constant Nieuwenhuys-Femme qui a blesée un oiseau avec une feuille morte, 1949