Update 'Volgrecht' by Ruby Nefkens van Van der Steenhoven advocaten

Van der Steenhoven advocaten is a Dutch law firm, which is very much invested in copyright law and Volgrecht (Resale right). Last year they organised a Client Class to inform and discuss Resale right (Volgrecht). At the time of the Client Class there was a lawsuit pending between Pictoright, which manages the copyrights and resale rights for artists, and an art dealer who refused to give Pictoright information on what works he sold. Which made it impossible for Pictoright to collect their artists' resale rights. The lawsuit has been settled and Ruby Nefkens published an update anout Resale Rights on their website. 

You can read the article HERE.
Or download it in pdf here: Update volgrecht
And this is the official government brochure in pdf: Volgrecht 2015
You can read the news item about the settlement on the Pictoright website HERE.
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