Title Year Typesort ascending CID
Trudy and Constant Nieuwenhuys and Homero Aridjis at Wittenburg, 1995

Photo Betty Aridjis

Trudy, Constant and Homero Aridjis at Wittenburg 1995 Photo 583
Constant with Eva and Olga Constant with Eva and Olga Nieuwenhuys 1958 Photo 6774
Constant and Nel in Seville, 1962 Constant and Nel in Seville, 1962 1962 Photo 2666
Constant Nieuwenhuys-Entrance Dutch pavilion Biennale Venice, 1966

Photo unknown

Entrance Dutch pavilion at Venice Biennale 1966 Photo 1474
Eva and Martha at the Rétrospective exhibition Eva and Martha at Constant, une rétrospective-1 2001 Photo 6885
Jocko on model the Orient sector by Constant Nieuwenhuys, 1961 Jocko on the model Orient Sector, 1961 1961 Photo 600
Family holiday Constant, Jan and two small children in traditional Dutch costumes. 1930 Photo 6790
Constant and Jan 5

Photo: unknown

Constant and Jan 1930 Photo 6540
Portrait of Constant listening Constant in his studio Wittenburg 1965 Photo 7008
Fanny Kelk interviews Constant, 1974-4

Photo Fotopersbureau Sabel en Daniëls

Fanny Kelk interviews Constant, 1974-4 1974 Photo 2693
The opening of the exhibition Rétrospective, Picasso Museum Antibes. Constant, une rétrospective, Picasso Museum Antibes-3 2001 Photo 6900
Constant Nieuwenhuys and Trudy at MACBA, 1996

Photo Constantijn Kelk

Trudy and Constant at MACBA 1996 Photo 617
Portrait of Constant

Victor E. Nieuwenhuys

Portrait of Constant from up close 1980 Photo 6806
Pieter van de Staak and Constant playing guitar, 1965 ca | Photo Kurt Meier

Photo Kurt Meier

Pieter van de Staak and Constant playing guitar 1965 Photo 6566
Constant At studio Wittenburg in Amsterdam. Constant at studio Wittenburg in Amsterdam. 2005 Photo 6917
Constant Nieuwenhuys-Ludieke trap, 1969

Photo unknown

Ludic stairs 1969 Photo 1306
Constant in the Dominicanerkerk, 1965 Constant in the Dominicanerkerk, 1965. 1965 Photo 6822
Constant and his third wife, Nel Kerkhoven, 1961 Constant & Nel Kerkhoven, 1961 1961 Photo 2205
Constant and Gisela Burkamp

 Dieter Burkamp

Constant and Gisela Burkamp-3 1985 Photo 6616
 Constant and Corneille

Martijn van der Molen.

Constant and Corneille 1992 Photo 7053
Constant smoking, Venice Biennale Constant at the Venice Biennale 1966 Photo 6938
Joco en Constant, 1961

Photo: Bram Wisman

Jocko en Constant, 1961 1961 Photo 2600
Constant Nieuwenhuys-Constant in his studio, 1958 Constant in his studio, 1958 1958 Photo 1323
Constant and his dog, Waldo

Martijn van der Molen

Waldo in Constants music room 1989 Photo 6841