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The Amsterdam Studio 2001 Article 1983
Fondation Constant The Antinomies of Utopia 1996 Article 2855
Fondation Constant The Avant Garde Won't Give Up 2015 Film 2092
The Cobra girls during the Cobra exhibition at the Sakip Sabanci Museum in Istanbul, 2012.

Photo Michèle Elburg

The Cobra girls at the terrace of the Sakip Sabanci Museum on the Bosphorus 2012 Photo 619
Jong Holland | nr. 5, jaargang 4, 1988 The Danish Ostriches 1988 Article 2718
Cobra artists arrive with their work for the Cobra expositie at the museum, 1949

Photo Mrs. E. Kokkorris-Syriër

The experimental artists at the entrance of the Cobra exhibition in SMA with their work, 1949 1949 Photo 620
Tom Hanks in Big, 1988 The fun theory… changing human behavior 2010 Blog 1842
Constant Nieuwenhuys-New Babylon Amsterdam, 1963 The Game of War: Debord as Strategist 2008 Essays 2015
The great urbanism game The great urbanism game 1999 Article 7098
Høst and the Experimentale Groep at the zoo, 1948 The Høst group and the Experimental Group at the zoo in Copenhagen 1948 Photo 2641
Spatiovore by Bram Wisman

Spatiovore by Bram Wisman

The Playful City 2002 Article 2829
Constant, Portfolio New Babylon nr 02, 1963 The Utopian Failure of Constant’s New Babylon 2017 Essays 7129
Fondation Constant They came from outer space 2006 Article 2001
Tikus lying on the bed

Martijn van der Molen

Tikus lying on the bed 1996 Photo 6860
Tikus lying on the ground

Martijn van der Molen

Tikus lying on the ground-1 1996 Photo 6863
Tikus lying on the ground

Martijn van der Molen

Tikus lying on the ground-2 1996 Photo 6861
Tikus sitting on the ground

Martijn van der Molen

Tikus sitting on the ground 1996 Photo 6864
The Naked City, 1957 To control and shape the entire social arena-Constant Nieuwenhuys 2012 Essays 1798
Constant Nieuwenhuys-Tikus, 1991

This interview is part of the Oral History Project of Fondation Constant. The Oral History Project is financially supported by Stichting Jaap Harten Fonds and Gifted Art.

Tom Haartsen | Photographer 2016 Oral history 2771
Traffic in towns 1967 Text by Constant 1894
Constant Nieuwenhuys-La rousse, 1979 Trefzekere aquarellen 1979 Article 3099
La Terra Inquieta, 2017 Triennale di Milano - mostra “La Terra Inquieta” 2017 Film 2423
Constant Nieuwenhuys and Trudy at MACBA, 1996

Photo Constantijn Kelk

Trudy and Constant at MACBA 1996 Photo 617
Trudy and Constant Trudy and Constant-1 2001 Photo 6889