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Wessel Ganzevoort

Wessel Ganzevoort


After nine years Wessel Ganzevoort stepped down from the board of Fondation Constant as secretary and treasurer in December 2020. Wessel has been member of the board since the inception of Fondation Constant in November 2011. He was instrumental in setting up the foundation, determining its strategy and creating an organisation structure. More importantly he coached Trudy and Kim to work together productively as mother and daughter with endless patience and warmth. Wessel has left the foundation with a solid base to spread its wings and we are forever grateful to him.

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We will raffle one of our few new copies of the book The Hyper Architecture of Desire by Mark Wigley amongst the people who help us spread the word about the Constant 1 0 1 crowdfunding. Read what to do to get your name in that raffle bowl below.


Our Constant 1 0 1 campaign on is live! From May 2021, we will celebrate that Constant was born 101 years ago. Together with contemporary artists, makers, writers and thinkers, we investigate the significance of Constant's legacy and ideas today. More than 25 special projects with more than 40 partners are lined up!


There are not many things that are more gratifying about managing an artist estate than when a beloved object goes to a new owner who will again use it. It is even better when the object in question will be used to make new works of art. Over the last couple of months we have been lucky to share some of Constant's tools and materials with several artists.


In the process of clearing out Constant's house we came across some of his art supplies, mostly unused paper and paints or solid art tools. We would love to see these items being put to use again.

If you are an artist and interested in picking up some supplies, click the link below. We will do our best to divide items equally amongst the respondents. The supplies can be picked up on 13, 15 and 20 May. Ideally you let us know you're interested before the 13th.

Museum teacher Jolinde @Cobra Museum


The 'Cobra Museum at home' presents: International Slow Art Day 2020

Vincent Dubès

Vincent Dubès


Moving house is a proces to say the least. But moving house of an artist is a special kind of proces. A proces that we have been occupied with for more than a year now. Documenting books and archive. Figuring out where things should go. Making plans. And then last month the steps we took became visible. The art was moved and the instruments were transported to Engeland to be auctioned at Gardiner Houlgate in March.

F.l.t.r: Eliane Odding, Kim van der Horst and Freek Dijkstra

F.l.t.r: Eliane Odding, Kim van der Horst and Freek Dijkstra


Today after months of hard work we reached a new milestone in the Library Documentation Project! We finished all bookshelves in Constants library.

We still have to do some odd loose books here and there, some books that have been stored in Utrecht and some archive pieces . Then we are ready to start moving the library. We take it step by step but today we celebrate with cake from Patisserie Holtkamp.

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Man met baret, 1980

Man met baret, watercolor, 1980


An everlasting work-in-progress is how you can best describe our website | Constant Catalogue Raisonné | Knowledge Center.

We recently added a few new features:
1. General search button (this feature has been active for a while actually)

Lion's skull Photo Kim van der Horst

With the plans in the making for several years now, this year we have officially entered the realm of saying goodbye to Constants house. Shelfs with books, letters and folders, paint and brushes are being documented for future research in preparation for their journey to new owners, a new location, a recycling center or the dump.