Constant's Diorama features in Harvard Design Magazine

Constant Nieuwenhuys, Diorama II, 1962

Constant, Diorama II, 1962

Fondation Constant is proud to announce that Constant's model Diorama II (1962) features in (the newly relaunched) Harvard Design Magazine no. 38 (Spring/Summer 2014). It is illustrating an interview of Lian Chikako Chang in conversation with Jonathan Zittrain called "Let's See What Happens."

It is a conversation between architect Lian Chikako Chang and Harvard University professor of law and cofounder of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society Jonathan Zittrain. The two discuss "generative technology"—technology that allows third parties to adapt and innovate it—as opposed to "tethered technology," which locks users, coders, and designers into a specific, non-flexible framework. Together, they reflect on these types of technologies and their implications and reflections in architecture and the built environment. Should be an interesting read! LINK to interview: Let's See What Happens

Also interesting to watch is Jonathan Zitrain's Ted Talk: The Web as random acts of kindness