Crowdfunding Constant, avant le départ

Cover Constant, avant le départ, 2005
Museum Cards pocket of Constant's work, 2015
Museum Cards pocket of Constant's work, 2016
Constant, de late periode, 2008

Who still remembers the documentary, Constant, avant le départ? In 2005 the film makers, Maarten Schmidt and Thomas Doebele followed Constant during the last months of his life. The result, a touching record of an artist looking back on his life with no regrets. The film won a Gouden Kalf voor camera at the Dutch Film Festival and was well received at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2005 and the International Film Festival in Rotterdam in 2006.

Last summer the film played during the exhibition Constant. Ruimte + Kleur at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art Amstelveen. The audience was once again touched by it and many asked for the DVD. Unfortunately the film is no longer available. That's why Fondation Constant wants to have this unique film reprinted.

We need your help to make this happen.

If you want to help us make the DVD available again, you can by:

1. Ordering the DVD for 25€ and receiving Museum Cards pocket of Constant's work by Bekking & Blitz (limited edition), excl. shipment.

2. Ordering the book DVD for 75€ and receiving the book Constant, de late periode uit 2008 (limited edition), excl. shipment.


English subtitles available. The crowdfunding campaign will run till January 15th 2017. If you have questions you can turn to Kim van der Horst at or +316 16 012 636.