Happy new website!

Detail of Gele Sector

Most of last year's labour was out in the open and (luckily) very well received. We would now like to take the opportunity to present to you the less visible part of our labour. In 2016 Fondation Constant and Pixelstyle Webdiensten worked hard to create a more dynamic environment for the information stored on our website. In this news letter we will take you through the changes on our website. We hope you enjoy the new functionalites we added and hereby wish you happy surfing.

1. Ordering images
You can now order images of Constant's work and photo's from our archives though an online form: http://stichtingconstant.nl/reproduction
2. Assessment
If you want to present a work of art to Fondation Constant for assessment, this can also be done through an online form: http://stichtingconstant.nl/assessment
3. Exhibitions
A list of exhibitions and events showcasing Constant's work are listed here:  http://stichtingconstant.nl/exhibitions. You can search for exhibitions by title, year or location. When you click on an individual exhibition the list of works by Constant in the exhibition is shown. We are currently in the proces of documenting hang lists of all exhibitions on the website. It will be a while before we can claim completeness but we are very excited about this new feature. The website also links the exhibition to its catalogue under Bibliography or any kind of Documentation it is mentioned in.
4. Bibliography
A list of books and catalogues about Constant's work or featuring his work can be found here: http://stichtingconstant.nl/bibliography. When clicking on an individual item the works featured in the book or catalogue are listed as well as the related exhibitions and/or documentation. Of course as with the exhibition feature we are in the proces of documenting the Constant library on our website. Feel free to send us tips when you find a publication is missing.
5. Documentation
Besides books and catalogues Constant and his work feature in an extensive list of media ranging from newspaper articles to blogs, photo's, radio video, and the like. All documented sources can be found here: http://stichtingconstant.nl/documentation. To make this documentation as accessible as possible you can search on documentation type, year, title or search term. To accomodate different search types you can choose a regular presentation of the information, a grid or list. Also when you click on the individual item more elaborate information can be found and the list of related works, exhibitions and publications, for as far as we have documented it.
6. Work
And now finally the pride and joy of our website, the reason for the existence of Fondation Constant, Constant's work: http://stichtingconstant.nl/work
Work can be selected by title, year, collection, technique or period. Depending on your visual preference the selection can be presented regularly, in a grid or a list.
When you click on the individual work it lists extra information, the exhibitions, publications and documentation the work features in (again for as far as we have documented this). In the case of three dimensional work images from different angles of the work can be found here as well.

We hope you enjoy the fruit of our labour