Oriënt Sector in Sam Samiee's Installation at Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Photo: Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
Photo: Kim van der Horst
Photo: Kim van der Horst
Photo: Kim van der Horst

On a Saturday afternoon my brother, my niece and I walked through the Gemeentemuseum. In every room my niece would pick one piece that was her favourite. And we would take note of this for future birthday gifts. Attracted by the bright pink objects (her favourite colour) she ran into the Sam Samiee installation with the beautiful title De Liefde raakte ontheemd, het verstand ernaar op zoek (Love became displaced, the mind in search of it). As her favourite object she picked the colourful pile of boxes and paper in the middle of the installation. To my suprise on top of the installation Samiee had put Constant's Orient Sector, 1959.

In relation to the colourful installation by Samiee the model renewed its creator's hope of a brighter more creative future. I was delighted.

My niece however, was already on to the next room. After a short extatic moment in Constant's room where she picked the Space eater as her favourite she moved on quickly. Her voice, now demanding, called us to the next room. As we were too slow to respond she came to get us in person. "You NEED to see this" a dramatic pleading in her eyes.

It seemed that all her favourite pieces in the Gemeentemuseum were trumped by Bruce Nauman's red button next to his Carrousel, 1988. Her eyes grew wide with excitement as the museum guard told her she could press it.

I exhaled relieved. A red button I can manage for her next birthday.