Moving Ruimtecircus, 2013

Sarah Creange and her colleagues discussing how to gow about moving this very vulnerable piece of art to its new home, The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Ruimtecircus at Rijksmuseum, 2013

Ruimtecircus in its new home at the opening of the Rijksmuseum in april 2013

Constant-Ruimtecircus, 1956-1961

Ruimtecircus, 1956-1961

After months of deliberation the curators of the Rijksmuseum decided that Ruimtecircus (Spacecircus) from Constant's New Babylon project was indeed the piece they wished to add to the new 20th century wing.

Selection of the pieces for this new wing is strict. The 20th century is now an important part of our history and therefore works of art from this period should be shown at the Rijksmuseum. But only Dutch artists, who have left their mark and with international acclaim are considered. And from their collections only the most prestiges pieces qualify. This is not a selection that is taken lightly and therefore we are proud to announce that the Ruimtecircus has found a new home in this internationally renowned museum.

We are happy to be part of this great moment of joy for the Netherlands, for the city of Amsterdam, for every history and art loving person in the world and for the Rijksmuseum itself!

In the following short video Kim van der Horst speaks to Sara Creange, metal restorer at the Rijksmuseum about the cleaning of Ruimtecircus before it's exhibited.