Slow Art Day @home with Cobra Museum

Museum teacher Jolinde @Cobra Museum

Constant Nieuwenhuys-De stoel, 1971

De stoel, 1971, oil on linnen, collection Fondation Constant longterm loan Cobra Museum for Modern Art Amstelveen, NL

The 'Cobra Museum at home' presents: International Slow Art Day 2020
The Cobra museum has been participating in International Slow Art Day for years. This year (not) will take place on Saturday April 4. The Cobra Museum therefore brings slow art to you. Museum teacher Jolinde has selected a work by Constant (that is not the work in the photo, that is by Lotti van der Gaag) and will look at this work with you for 10 minutes. How is that? Watch from Saturday 9:00 am via this link: Cobra Museum at home