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In June 2013 Anna Mikhailova premiered with her opera Constant Tranzit. She visited the foundation in December of the previous year in search of documentation en information about Constant, his New Babylon project and his contact with Debord.

Anna Mikhailova | Codarts Master Muziektheater

Moving Ruimtecircus, 2013

Sarah Creange and her colleagues discussing how to gow about moving this very vulnerable piece of art to its new home, The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.


After months of deliberation the curators of the Rijksmuseum decided that Ruimtecircus (Spacecircus) from Constant's New Babylon project was indeed the piece they wished to add to the new 20th century wing.

Constant-Le Criminel, 1987

Le criminel, 1987


Both these images are called Le Criminel, 1987 and supposedly signed by Constant but which of the two is an authentic work of art by Constant? This is one of the many authentication cases that the foundation is presented with each week.

Aernout Mik, Exhibition Architecture (After Constant’s Design for a Gypsy Camp), Call the Witness, Roma Pavilion, 2011, exterior detail, photo: Victor Nieuwenhuys


AERNOUT MIK (artist, the Netherlands)
Exhibition Architecture (After Constant’s Design for a Gypsy Camp)