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Alexander Gray Associates, New York presenting work by Siah Armajani

Alexander Gray Associates, New York presenting work by Siah Armajani.


Walking around the fair certain Features really caught our eyes:

1. T11 Alexander Gray Associates, New York presenting work by Siah Armajani.

Constant's New Babylon-Borzo-Art Basel 2015

A view of the beautiful presentation of the New Babylon works by Borzo at the Feature Art Basel 2015 (Hall 2.0 J5).

Constant Nieuwenhuys, Constructie met ladders, 1961

Constant, Construction with laders, 1961


Gallery Borzo modern & contemporary art presents the Feature on Art Basel of Constant's work on her Art Basel website complete with provenance, exhibition and literature list. Truly a beautiful presentation!
Check the website here:

Constant Nieuwenhuys, Twee Torens, 1959

Constant, Twee Torens, 1959


We are very excited to introduce the art works that will be travelling to Art Basel this June to be shown in the Feature sector by BORZO!

About the Feature

Constant Rode sector, 1958. © Constant, VEGAP, Madrid, 2015

Constant Rode sector, 1958. © Constant, VEGAP, Madrid, 2015


It's with pride that we announce the upcoming New Babylon exhibition at the Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia opening on October 20th 2015! This co-op between Reina Sofia and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag will be the largest overview of Constant's New Babylon project since the New Babylon exhibition in Witte de With in 1999 curated by Roland Groenenboom under director Barthomé Marie! During this exhibition the book New Babylon: The Hyper Architecture of Desire by Mark Wigley was presented, which is still the leading publication on Constant's New Babylon project.

False work

A work that was offered in 2013 as a Constant resurfaces on Marktplaats.

Continuous Drift

An artist will always inspire those who come after, this too goes for Constant. The project Continuous Drift by a collective of artists in Dublin takes one of Constant's New Babylon principles as a starting point. Read more on CONTINUOUS DRIFT here.

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Collage van sector modellen, 1969

Collage van sector modellen, 1969


presenting at ART BASEL feature 2015

Van der Steenhoven advocaten

Van der Steenhoven advocaten is a Dutch law firm, which is very much invested in copyright law and Volgrecht (Resale right). Last year they organised a Client Class to inform and discuss Resale right (Volgrecht). At the time of the Client Class there was a lawsuit pending between Pictoright, which manages the copyrights and resale rights for artists, and an art dealer who refused to give Pictoright information on what works he sold.