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Constant Nieuwenhuys-Constant paints the door of the Dutch pavilion at the Biennial Venice, 1966

Constant paints the door of the Dutch pavilion at the Biennial Venice, 1966


We have made use of the slow time between Christmas and New Year's to add some new photo's to the page DOCUMENTATION/Photo, take a look and enjoy!

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Lijn zonder einde, 1958

Constant, Lijn zonder einde, 1958


The news that Galerie BORZO has been accepted to bring a solo presentation/feature to Art Basel 2015 is cause for celebration! Some say it's easier to get a meeting with the pope than to get a slot at Art Basel as a gallery.

Constant-The Crowd I, 1993

The Crowd I
97,7 x 130,5
Oil on linnen
Collection Rabobank Nederland


The last couple of months mrs Nieuwenhuys and the photographer Tom Haartsen have worked very hard to get lots lots of works photographed for our website and for the catalogue raisonné in the long run. We've added works from the collections of the Centraal Museum Utrecht, Kröller-Müller, Collection Rabo Bank, Collection ABN AMRO, Collection De Heus-Zomer and other private collectors. You can find them under WORK

Work falsely attributed to Constant

In 2013 the foundation informed the seller about the fact that the work they offered was in fact no a work by Constant. Recently we found that the seller still offers this work for sale, this time he uses Marktplaats: see advertisement here


Coming thursday, 11 of September, in Utrecht, during Gaudeamus muziekweek the 11 minutes opera Psychogeography. Henry Lefebvre versus Guy Debord. Maps of Tight Joint by Anna Mikhailova.

An opera for 3 voices [mezzo-soprano, baritone and tenor]and Pac-man Bass, based on life and work relationships between Henry Lefebvre, Guy Debord and Alice Becker-Ho


Sometimes I see people doing what they do, fullfilling their destiny, following their passion and I wonder if these people are the New Babylonians, the homo ludens, whom Constant envisioned? Watch Taiwan's famous street performer Isaac Hou with his amazing cyr wheel performance and judge for yourself.

The Real Lord of the Ring

Foto SFA001013062 De Cobra-schilder Constant Nieuwenhuys door J.J.M. de Jong

Foto SFA001013062
De Cobra-schilder Constant Nieuwenhuys door J.J.M. de Jong


 Katja Weitering writes a blog for Jeditha de Groot selecteert uit: Fotografie, Kunst, Mode about a photo she selected from the Spaarnestad archives. Het bruine behang, de appelgroene eettafel set, de kamerplanten en de cactussen; in gedachten teken ik het jaren ’70 interieur van mijn ouderlijk huis tot in de kleinste details uit. Toen ik twee jaar was, verhuisden we naar een ruimere woning. De levendige herinnering aan de kleine flat moet dus wel ontleend zijn aan het foto-album van mijn eerste levensjaren. Talloze malen doorgebladerd.

Constant Nieuwenhuys, Space Circus

Constant-cabinet, Space Circus


Constant's Space Circus is part of the exhibition Art is Therapy by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong at the Rijksmuseum from April 25th till September 7th 2014.
Art is Therapy

The text next to the Constant-cabinet reads:
  Health involves the capacity to think creatively about ways that things could be better. That’s what depression cuts off. Who knows what it would be really like in Constant’s world. But we can only admire the detail and grandeur of the vision.

Screenshot City Rising by Metahaven

For the exhibition Metahaven Selected Projects 2010-2014 at the Cobra museum, January 2014, designers collective Metahaven created the movie City Rising featuring Constant's New Babylon works.
City Rising is now online and can be viewed here:

Constant Nieuwenhuys, Diorama II, 1962

Constant, Diorama II, 1962


Fondation Constant is proud to announce that Constant's model Diorama II (1962) features in (the newly relaunched) Harvard Design Magazine no. 38 (Spring/Summer 2014). It is illustrating an interview of Lian Chikako Chang in conversation with Jonathan Zittrain called "Let's See What Happens."