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Continuous Drift

An artist will always inspire those who come after, this too goes for Constant. The project Continuous Drift by a collective of artists in Dublin takes one of Constant's New Babylon principles as a starting point. Read more on CONTINUOUS DRIFT here.

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Collage van sector modellen, 1969

Collage van sector modellen, 1969


presenting at ART BASEL feature 2015

Van der Steenhoven advocaten

Van der Steenhoven advocaten is a Dutch law firm, which is very much invested in copyright law and Volgrecht (Resale right). Last year they organised a Client Class to inform and discuss Resale right (Volgrecht). At the time of the Client Class there was a lawsuit pending between Pictoright, which manages the copyrights and resale rights for artists, and an art dealer who refused to give Pictoright information on what works he sold.


As of today it is possible to search on our website for art works from a specific collection:
One can now easily search for Constant's works in museums by just putting the name of the museum/collection in the search box and click search! Keep in mind that most private collectors want to remain anonymous and are therefore indicates as private collection.

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Schilder in zijn atelier, 1977

Constant-Schilder in zijn atelier, 1977


In his column in weekly magazine HUMO Joost Zwagerman writes about one of Rembrand's selfportraits in the exhibition De Late Rembrand in the Rijksmuseum, he compares Rembrand's painting De kunstenaar in zijn atelier, 1629 to Constant's Schilder in zijn atelier, 1977.
February 24, 2015



An article about creativity and Constant's New Babylon in de Correspondent by Lynn Berger: Hoe creativiteit een talent van iedereen en een oplossing voor alles werd. (How creativity became everyone's talent and a solution for everything).

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Diorama II, 1962

Diorama II, 1962, 63 x 63 x 17,5 cm, wood, glass, oil paint, collection Gemeentemuseum Den Haag


Today The Volkskrant announced the happy news that the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag acquired the two Diorama's, 1962 by Constant. The museum adds the two models to the extensive New Babylon project that is already in their collection. The article headline in the Volkskrant reads: 'Kijkdozen' naar museum ('Peepshows' to museum).

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Constant paints the door of the Dutch pavilion at the Biennial Venice, 1966

Constant paints the door of the Dutch pavilion at the Biennial Venice, 1966


We have made use of the slow time between Christmas and New Year's to add some new photo's to the page DOCUMENTATION/Photo, take a look and enjoy!

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Lijn zonder einde, 1958

Constant, Lijn zonder einde, 1958


The news that Galerie BORZO has been accepted to bring a solo presentation/feature to Art Basel 2015 is cause for celebration! Some say it's easier to get a meeting with the pope than to get a slot at Art Basel as a gallery.

Constant-The Crowd I, 1993

The Crowd I
97,7 x 130,5
Oil on linnen
Collection Rabobank Nederland


The last couple of months mrs Nieuwenhuys and the photographer Tom Haartsen have worked very hard to get lots lots of works photographed for our website and for the catalogue raisonné in the long run. We've added works from the collections of the Centraal Museum Utrecht, Kröller-Müller, Collection Rabo Bank, Collection ABN AMRO, Collection De Heus-Zomer and other private collectors. You can find them under WORK