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False work offered: 'signed by Constant'

False work offered as 'signed by Constant', 2014


Recently we came across several murky works that were offered as art works by Constant at an online auction. We got notified and quickly discovered that one of the works was a copy of an existing watercolor, which makes the work an infringement on copyrights. The second was not even close to any of Constant's works, which makes the work either a misattribution or a forgery. And the last was also a copy of an existing drawing.


Ulrike Schmiegelt's blog on getting the Two Tower as a loan for the exhibition Desire for Freedom
Stories from Our Travels, Part I

23.11.2012  15:50

Shinkichi Tajiri-AKU-fountain, Arnhem

Shinkichi Tajiri, AKU-fountain, Arnhem


Please sign the petition below to save the AKU-fountain in Arnhem.The Explosive Forces of Nature, the pillar and the Pergola tree together form the AKU monument on the Gele Reijders plein in Arnhem designed by architect H. Brouwer. It's also the first public space assignment of Cobra artist Shinkichi Tajiri.
The city is threatening to replace this monument. Let your voice be heard by signing the petition to stop them:



Some interesting reads about art authentication in the United States. The blogs deal with the new Bill to amend the New York Arts and Cultural Affairs Law, the role of the art authenticator, the law suits against them and the new kind of investor in the art market.

Constant Nieuwenhuys, Geboorte van een aquatint: Vechtpartij fase 9, 1994

Constant, Geboorte van een aquatint: Vechtpartij fase 9, 1994


Eleven portfolio's have been added to the website from Goede Morgen Haan, 1949 to Geboorte van een aquatint, 1994.
Find them under Work/Portfolio or click here


More and more artists want to infuence the world. They want to show their idealism and improve the world. But their work does not have the impact they envision. The exhibition Meer Macht in Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle shows work from artists who want to change the world. The exhibition is curated by Hans den Hartog Jager.

Avro's Kunstuur NL 2, Sunday, April 6 spend an item on the exhibition. See 16:25 for some of the woks by Constant in the exhibition.

Appel, Constant, Corneille, Kunstzaal Hubers, 1949-1

Appel, Constant, Corneille, Kunstzaal Hubers, 1949-1


These four handpainted posters were shown at the opening exhibition Wonder in Kranenburgh last year. They are hand painted posters by Appel, Constant and Corneille advertising their exhibition in Bergen in the summer of 1949.

Appel, Constant, Corneille

Constant Nieuwenhuys, Vrouw met hond, 1949

Constant, Vrouw met hond, 1949


At the Post-War and Contemporary Art auction 7 and 8 of April 2014 Vrouw en hond, 1949 and Femme Terrible, 1949 will be auctioned. Vrouw en hond, 1949 originally comes from the Karel van Stuijvenberg Collection and Femme Terrible, 1949 comes from the estate of the architect Har Oudejans, who bought it directly from Constant.

Post-War and Contemporary Art auction


Three months after publication of our website Fondation Constant celebrates a proud moment of recognition. From April 24th 2014 will be included in the digital archive of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National library of the Netherlands). The Koninklijke Bibliotheek preserves websites that are an important part of the Dutch digital heritage and that need to be preserved for present and future research. They preserve a collection of websites that is representative of the Dutch culture, history and society.

Trudy Nieuwenhuys, Ludo van Halem and Yoshikazu Nango

F.l.t.r. Trudy Nieuwenhuys, Ludo van Halem and Yoshikazu Nango


On March 11 and 20 Yoshikazu Nango, a Japanese scholar from the Meiji University in Tokyo, interviewed mrs Nieuwenhuys and Ludo van Halem for his dissertation about the influence of Constant on the modern city and architecture.
As sociologist mr Nango studies Theory of Urbanism and Architecture and wrote several papers on Constant voor Tokyo University and Japanese magazines. He will visit the Netherlands several times in the near future for more interviews and to see the collection.