Prices to obtain TIFF images for print
Prices are ex. 21% VAT, copyrights & bank transfercosts (non SEPA payments 0,1% with a minimum of 7€)

Digital image commercial use € 50,-
Digital image non-profit € 35,-

Digital image 10-24 pcs: 5% discount
Digital image 25-49 pcs: 10% discount
Digital image from 50 pcs: 15% discount

Images of art works by Constant are subject to copyrights. The copyrights of Fondation Constant are managed by Pictoright and the costs for obtaining the copyrights are separate from obtaining the actual TIFF file. To request copyrights for images of Constant's work CLICK HERE

Compulsory Information
When published the works need to be described in the following manner: NB: The information in bold is obligatory.

Title, year
Photographer: Tom Haartsen
©Constant/Fondation Constant c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2018

In case of doubt or if clarification is required, Fondation Constant is available to answer any questions. Caption information must appear either near the reproduction or in a detailed table of illustrations.

Respect for the integrity of the work

  • No cropping is permitted: works must be reproduced as a whole, including pedestals, bases and margins. Reproducing a detail is possible, provided that it be clearly specified in the caption that it is a detail, and that the work be reproduced as a whole in another part of the publication.
  • No overprinting or bleeding off the page is permitted.
  • No digital alteration (such as distortion, color manipulation or blurring) of the images is permitted.