Here is list of websites that offer information on Constant Nieuwenhuys, his projects and work or contemporaries he liased with. We have not filtered the websites on their editorial content.

Short history on Constant and Cobra with comments of Jan Elburg.

Buiten in beeld
Some images of Constants work at the Rijksmuseum Twente, Enschede.

Call the witness
Video with Tom McDonough (art historian, United States) on Campo nomadi: Constant’s Design for a Gypsy Camp.

Chris den Engelsman
Short biography on Constant in Dutch
Quotes of the artist in Dutch

Cobra museum voor moderne kunst
Information on Cobra in Dutch and English.
Texts by and on Constant

Esther Schreuder
Curator/art historian/researcher's blog on the Cobra group in Dutch
Short biography on Constant in Dutch

The New Babylon project, part of the museum's masterpieces with some links to secondary materials in Dutch.

Het geheugen van Nederland
Database website of more than 800.000 images from 133 collections of 100 art organizations in the Netherlands.

Historie in perspectief
Item on graphic New Babylon work that was donated to the town of Meppel in 1967 which was eventually lost.

J. Seegers
Extensive background information about the Situationist International and Constant in English.

Information on the Cobra group

Short biography of Constant in Dutch.

Kunststroming Cobra
Educational website for children about the Cobra group.

Mark Dek
Short biography of Constant in Dutch.

Megastructures Reloaded
Short analysis of New Babylon in English and German.

Mieke Rozing
A video presentation for children about Constant in Dutch.
Extensive background information on Constant in English.

Rabo Kunst Collectie
Information on the works of art they have of Costant with pictures and video's in Dutch.

Sikkens Foundation
Jury rapport of the Sikkens award in 1960, won by Aldo van Eyck and Constant for their project Voor een spatiaal colorisme in Dutch.

Situationist International Online
Texts by the SI in English.

Spatial Agency
Short insight in his New Babylon project in English.

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
Information on the Constant works they have on longterm loan.

A video edit/presentation on New Babylon in Spanish.

Vrij beelden en Cobra
Expands on Cobra and individual artists in the group.

Short biography of Constant in Dutch.

Constant-New Babylon/Ruhrgebiet

New Babylon/Ruhrgebiet