New Babylon Río Piedras [Ciudad Nomáda]

New Babylon Río Piedras [Ciudad Nomáda]


Video presentation on New Babylon

Nieuw in Nederland

Het Cobra museum


Article on the aquisition of the painting Two Birds by the Cobra museum from the collection of Alain Delon with a 10 min television item Nieuw in Nederland from the art series Kunstuur.
December 8, 2007

Nieuw in Nederland



News item on the aquisition of the painting Fauna, 1949 by the Cobra museum from the collection of Hans en Alice de Jong with a small item on the television art series Kunstuur.

Constant, avant le départ, 2005

Constant, avant le départ


Constant died in the summer of 2005. Thomas Doebele and Maarten Schmidt filmed the artist during the last months of his life. They followed him and his dog, Tikus, on their daily stroll to the artist's studio, where he finished his last painting Le Piège (The Trap). A personal tale about a great painter in the last months of his life, working on the final details of the horizon of his last painting, 82 min, 2005.

Fondation Constant

New Babylon de Constant


New Babylon visually captured by Constant's son Victor Nieuwenhuijs and Maartje Seyferth, 13 min, 2005.

Fondation Constant

De Avonden


Radio program Wim Brands interviews historian Marcel Hummelink about his new book, Apres nous la liberté, about artist Constant Nieuwenhuys. In the first hour of the program. The interview with Marcel Hummelink is in Dutch and starts at: 00:11:59-00:44:00 min


Cobra, een opstand tegen de orde


Cobra, a revolt against order, documentary by Jan Vrijman about the meaning and influence of the COBRA group, then and now, 50 min, 1988.

Fondation Constant

Avant-garde in Nederland 3: Het situationisme


Radioprogram: Het Evenement 16 jan 1986
Cultural series, final episode out of three about the Avant-Garde in the Netherlands: Het situationisme.

Openbaar Kunstbezit: Kijken, denken, doen II


Broadcast on November 28, 1971-NOS Television

Constant oder der Weg nach New Babylon


Constant or the route to New Babylon. For ten years Constant worked on his New Babylon project as a reaction to the architectural and social reality. Film maker Carl-Heinz Caspari follows Constant and his visions, 55 min, 1968.

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