Constant Nieuwenhuys-Grote gele sector detail, zwart wit

Sonic Imaginaries of New Babylon!


The essay Sonic Imaginaries of New Babylon! Soundtrack for an Unbuilt City by Steve Taylor for the UK based platform MUSICITY analyses the sonic landscape of Constant's New Babylon.

Gedachten aan Constant | Hollands Maandblad, 2018-1

Gedachten aan Constant


Thoughts of Constant by Ronald Tolman, colleague and friend.

Constant, Portfolio New Babylon nr 02, 1963

The Utopian Failure of Constant’s New Babylon


Essay on Constant’s New Babylon by Darren Jorgesen and Laetitia Wilson for Invisible Culture, 2017.

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Ontwerp voor een zigeunerkamp-detail, 1956

Detail of Ontwerp voor een zigeunerkamp, 1956

Economies of the Wild: Speculations on Constant’s New Babylon and Contemporary Capitalism


An essay by Bram Ieven for the publication Speculative Art Histories by Edinburgh University Press, 2017.

NB: Published here is the unedited version.

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Detail Sectoren in berglandschap, 1967

Hoe creativiteit een talent van iedereen en een oplossing voor alles werd


Essay by Lynn Berger for de Correspondent about the commercialisation of creativity and Constant's New Babylon
February 16, 2015

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Gezicht op New Babylonische sectoren, 1971

Van speeltuin tot werk­plaats–Het raadsel van de creatieve stad


An argument on the history of creative city planning and the fact that it goes back to New Babylon which contradicts the idea that it would be hype.

The Naked City, 1957

To control and shape the entire social arena-Constant Nieuwenhuys


An essay on utopian praxis, Débord, Constant and others.

Fondation Constant

(It will) never work


A critique of the Situationists' appropriation of Johan Huizinga's theory of play.

Constant Nieuwenhuys-New Babylon over Den Haag, 1964

New Babylon


About the new paradigms of the 21st century. Comparing this world with Constant Nieuwenhuys's utopian city New Babylon.

Fondation Constant

New New Babylon


Essay by McKenzie Wark and Ali Dur for MIT Press Journals, Fall 2011.