Posted januari 13-01-2021

Online editor/copywriter for Constant 1 0 1
For the project Constant 1 0 1 we are looking for an online editor/copywriter who will create the content for the project website and social media and is responsible for editing the website.
The website will contain information about:
- The project Constant 1 0 1
- Contributors
- Projects
- Constant Nieuwenhuys (1920-2005)
- Practical information
For social media we need short/interesting content for our social media accounts about Constant and the projects of Constant 1 0 1, and the artists with images. This content is based on the project input, archive and Constant’s body of work.

We are looking for a web editor/copywriter who:
- is fluent in English (and Dutch),
- has a background or an interest in Art (History) and Constant,
- has a solid understanding of social media,
- works accurately, 
- is freelancer,
- is available on call basis from beginning February, fulltime 15-31 March, after that on call basis till end of April 2022.

Compensation: 20€/hour

If interested, please send an email with your motivation before February 1st, a link to your latest work or work you're proudest of and your Instagram profile to Kim van der Horst |

Constant Nieuwenhuys-ZT/Crowd, ca 1980

ZT/Crowd, ca 1980, ink drawing, collection K. van Stuyvenberg