Our work

The work of Fondation Constant can be divided into three main categories. The first is the online catalog, which you can access by clicking CATALOG in the top bar. The Constant Catalogue Raissonné lists all the works that are known to the foundation and in a hidden part of the database, those works that are still being researched or have not been located yet. The Academic Committee is tasked with advising the work on the Constant Catalogue Raissonné. To read more about this click on the tab CATALOGUE RAISSONNE. The second catagory is conservation of the collection which falls under our responsibility. It was the artist's own collection and therefore holds special significance within the body of work. The last category is the archive, archives within the foundation are mostly accessible through this website, for some permission has to be granted and others are open, the most extensive part of Constant's archive is availabe at the RKD.





Constant Nieuwenhuys-De schilder in zijn atelier, 1977