To be able to preserve the works of art according to the guidelines stated by the Cultural Heritage Agency Fondation Constant has given the collection as long-term loans to several museums in the Netherlands.

In case of damage or maintenance the foundation uses the following companies to handle the art works:

Works on paper
Peter Kipp, Utrecht |

Lingbeek papierrestauratie, Haarlem |

Lisa Elbers, Utrecht | 

Schilderijen restauratie en conservering Marjan de Visser, The Hague

Iris Mahu, Haarlem |

Lydia Beerkens
Specialised in Modern Art restoration (e.g. outdoor polyester sculpture, plastics and immaterial elements as light, sounds and movement).

Janine van Reekum metaalrestauratie, Amsterdam

Fondation Constant is a not for profit organisation and your donations are always welcome and ever necessary: