Fondation Constant is a non-profit art organisation and an ANBI foundation. Its main goals are to preserve and promote the art collection and intellectual legacy of the artist Constant Nieuwenhuys, known as Constant. The foundation aims to create an international knowledge center about the artist and the groups, which he belonged to and initiated. In the process we strive to promote an international, as well as a national, awareness of the artworks and ideas developed by Constant Nieuwenhuys during his lifetime.

Fondation Constant is responsible for the realisation of a catalogue raisonné website. To have a catalogue raisonné for the full body of his work was one of the last wishes the artist expressed before he died in the summer of 2005.

To honour the artist’s profound appreciation of the French language the foundation will be referred to as Fondation Constant. Fondation being the French word for foundation.

Since January 2022 Fondation Constant has a General Director and a Supervisory Board.

Kim van der Horst
+31 (0)6 16 012 636

Supervisory Board
Marise Voskens | Chair
Chair of the supervisory boards of, amongst others, University van Amsterdam, VPRO and Flamenco Biennial.

Floris Alkemade
Architect and "Rijksbouwmeester" from 2015-2021.

Adnan Basaran
Founder of MetisBrown.

Trudy Nieuwenhuys
Art historian, author and researcher.
+31 (0)30 273 41 92

2011-2020 Wessel Ganzevoort
2014-2021 Els Ottenhof
2016-2021 Paul Schnabel
2016-2021 Dolf Broekhuizen
2011-2015 Cor van der Zwan
2012-2015 Ludo van Halem
2012-2014 Benno Tempel

Constant 101
2019-2022 Zippora Elders
2021 Lisa Bakker
2020 Eliane Odding

Library Documentation Project
2019 Freek Dijkstra, Eliane Odding, Iris Mahu

Interns Research CCR
2018 Jephta de Visser
2019 Chiara de Haan, Janneke Luns, Jet Weerkamp

2019 Janine van Reekum, Iris Mahu


IBAN: NL57ABNA0413578046
VAT: NL8138.724.67.B.01
Chamber of Commerce: 41216628

Fondation Constant endorses the Governance Code Cultuur as presented on
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Fondation Constant is a not for profit organisation and your donations are always welcome and ever necessary:


Fondation Constant


Kim van der Horst by Ruud Pos
Kim van der Horst


Marise Voskens
Marise Voskens


Floris Alkemade
Floris Alkemade


Adnan Besaran
Adnan Besaran


Trudy Nieuwenhuys by Marte Visser
Trudy Nieuwenhuys by Marte Visser