Constant Nieuwenhuys-Le départ, 1978

Le départ, 1978, watercolor

Schenking van Dommering: le départ est arrivé


A blog by head curator of the Teylers Museum in Haarlem, Terry van Druten on the collection endowment by collectors Loes and Egbert Dommering. Amongst the donation are several beautiful works by Constant, like the watercolor Le départ, 1978, and the portfolio New Babylon.

Ruimte voor kunst en cultuur

Ruimte voor kunst en cultuur

Constant Nieuwenhuys-De poort van Constant, 1963

De poort van Constant, 1963



Review of City sculptures in Amsterdam.

Kunstenaars-centrum Bergen | Nieuwe expositie geopend


Review group exposition in Het Huis met de Pilaren in 1948 organised by Kunstenaars-centrum Bergen.


De slaapkamer in het Nederlandse paviljoen: een replica van de kamer in het Amsterdamse Hilton Hotel waar John Lennon en Yoko Ono in 1969 verbleven. In bed: architect Winy Maas (l) en Beatriz Colomina. © DARIA SCAGLIOLA

photo: Daria Scagliola

Lelijke leegstand, architecten doe er iets aan!


Interview with architect Winy Maas about the Dutch Pavillion at the Architect Biennale 2018.

Photo: Daria Scagliola

Het Nederlands paviljoen op de architectuurbiënnale in Venetië. Photo: Daria Scagliola

photo: Daria Scagliola

Kijk naar de ruimte hieronder. Is het een ruimte om te werken, of om te ontspannen?


Review of the Dutch Pavillion at the Architecure Biennale in Venice, 2018.

Gedachten aan Constant | Hollands Maandblad, 2018-1

Gedachten aan Constant


Thoughts of Constant by Ronald Tolman, colleague and friend.

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Femme qui a blessé un oiseau avec une feuille mort, 1949

This interview is part of the Oral History Project of Fondation Constant. The Oral History Project is financially supported by Stichting Jaap Harten Fonds and Gifted Art.

Willemijn Stokvis | Art Historian


In this interview for the Oral History Project of Fondation Constant art historian, Willemijn Stokvis talks about her encounters with Constant in the seventies and eighties, his influence within the CoBrA group, their first exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the encounters with the artists that led to her thesis and her personal memories of him.
Interviewer: Karel Ankerman

Hans Sonneberg

Vlijmscherpe knorrepot met feilloos gevoel voor kunst


Article on Hans Sonnenberg (1928-2017), gallerist of Gallery Delta, who died September 29, 2017 by Peter de Waard in De Volkskrant.

Art Review-October 2017

60 Years of Recuperation | Are the Situasionists still relevant?


Sixty years after Guy Debord, joined by a group of artists, thinkers and revolutionaries, established the Situationist International, the forms of advanced capitalism they critiqued - commodity fetishism, social alienation and the replacement of significance by spectacle - have become the bedrock of twenty-first-century society. So what is their legacy today? McKenzie Wark weighs things up.