De bekering van Venus

Pour Niño Ricardo

Edition: 25
Niño Ricardo (11 July 1904 – 14 April 1972), born as Manuel Serrapí, was a Flamenco composer, considered by some sources as the most accomplished flamenco player of his day. He played a significant part in the evolution of the flamenco guitar. He lived in the city center of Sevilla. A child guitar prodigy, his early audiences referred to him as the son of Ricardo, leading to his stage-name Niño (de) Ricardo.

Portret van mijn grootvader

Constants grandfather on his mother's side was a tailor. Constant wore a purple suit made by his grandfather when he met Gerrit Kouwenaar on the Magere brug (Skinny Bridge) on a summer day in Amsterdam in 1942. Gerrit Kouwenaar later described this first meeting in the opening speech of an exhibition of Constant in Galerie Le Canard, 26 Januari 1952, with the following words:


Prometheus stole fire from the Gods on the Olympus and gave it to the humans. He was punished for his hubris. Zeus chained him to a rock where an eagle (emblem of Zeus) came and picked out his liver. Every day the liver grew back and the torture would repeat.

Homo ludens

After reading Johan Huizinga's book Homo Ludens (Man at Play) of Johan Huizinga Constant develops his ideas for New Babylon the futuristic city for the creative man at play.

Plaisir et tristesse de l'amour


Although the theme of this painting is similar to paintings by Manet (L'exécution de l'Empéreur) and Goya (The third of May 1808), Constant has changed the composition so that the audience faces the executioners.