De bekering van Venus

Compositie in zwart en wit


Ambiance de jeu

Homo ludens

After reading Johan Huizinga's book Homo Ludens (Man at Play) of Johan Huizinga Constant develops his ideas for New Babylon the futuristic city for the creative man at play.

Les expulsés

Inspired by the events in Kosovo. On April 12, 1999 Time Magazine printed a powerful cover photo by photographer Damir Sagolj of refugees from Kosovo with a woman with a white head scarf and a baby at her breast in front. It may have been this image that inspired Constant to paint Les éxpulsés. When you look at the original photo the white head scarf, the coloroud clothes in the middle of the line of people and the curved bend of the line of refugees are mirrored in Constants painting.

L'insurrection [II]