Title Year Type CID
Constant oder der Weg nach New Babylon 1968 Film 1790
Constant Nieuwenhuys with some constructions at Wittenburg, ca 1968

Photo Nico Koster

Constant with constructions at Wittenburg 1968 Photo 623
Constant, Johny, Jacob (Koen Wessing's son) and Koen Wessing, ca 1968

Photo unknown

Constant, Johnny Jacobs, Koen Wessing's son and Koen Wessing 1968 Photo 2603
Luchtfoto van New Babylon

Photo Victor Nieuwenhuijs

Luchtfoto van New Babylon 1968 Photo 2459
Nébuloses Mécaniques by Constant Nieuwenhuys projected in a photo, 1968 Nébuloses Mécaniques, projected in Landscape 1968 1968 Photo 626
Fondation Constant Text catalogue exhibition Van Cobra tot New Babylon 1968 Text by Constant 1899
Text catalogue of the exhibition Nya Babylon 1968 Text by Constant 1900
Maquette central tax building Breda Maquette for central tax building Breda 1967 Photo 6738
Fondation Constant Over normen in de cultuur 1967 Text by Constant 2261
Constant in his studio Wittenburg, 1967

Photo Leonard Freed

Constant with model Big Yellow Sector (Grote Gele Sector), 1967 1967 Photo 2149
Constant, Nel and Hert walking outside Constant, Nel and Herta walking in Amsterdam 1967 Photo 6953
Fondation Constant New Babylon. En verden for Homo Ludens et New Baby­lon - Et forslag 1967 Text by Constant 1897
Omtrent New Babylon. Een briefwisseling met Luc Wenseleers 1967 Text by Constant 1898
Constant Nieuwenhuys-Party at Constant's studio, 1967

Photo Bram Wisman

Party at Constant's studio 1967 Photo 1335
Fondation Constant Text catalogue exhibition Constant. Von Cobra bis New Babylon 1967 Text by Constant 1896
Traffic in towns 1967 Text by Constant 1894
Fondation Constant Monitor 1966 Film 2266
Boymans Huldigt 'COBRA' Boymans Huldigt 'COBRA' 1966 Article 6808
Fondation Constant Het lied van de arbeid 1966 Text by Constant 2259
Fondation Constant New Babylon - Stad des Homo Ludens 1966 Text by Constant 2924
 Sector constructie, Biennale Venice Sector constructie, Venice Biennale 1966 Photo 6943
Audience at the Biennale Venice Audience at the Venice Biennale 1966 Photo 6942
Constant Nieuwenhuys at the Bienale Venice in 1966

Photo unknown

Constant at his exhibition at the Venice Biennale 1966 Photo 573
Constant smoking, Venice Biennale Constant at the Venice Biennale 1966 Photo 6938