Title Year Type CID
Constant Nieuwenhuys and Karel Appel, 2004

Photo Joop Braakhekke

Constant and Karel Appel 2004 Photo 618
Constant Nieuwenhuys with his Self portrait 1941-1942 in 2004

Photo Trudy van der Horst

Constant with his Self portrait 1942 2004 Photo 569
De wedergebooorte van Constant

Paul van Weel

De wedergebooorte van Constant 2004 Article 7131
Niemand kan Etsen zoals Constant kan etsen 2004 Article 7117
Stedelijk Museum Bulletin, 2003 English seized by CoBrA 2003 Article 2488
Fondation Constant De Avonden 2003 Film 2209
Fondation Constant Art: On the outside looking in 2003 Article 1990
Interview with Constant for the Beeldrecht Newsletter. In gesprek met Constant 2003 Article 6883
Fondation Constant Cobra's heroic self-belief 2003 Article 1989
Fondation Constant Naughty, not nice 2003 Article 1987
Fondation Constant Revolution in the nursery 2003 Article 1988
Fondation Constant Bruises, blobs and bog-eyed dogs 2003 Article 1986
Fondation Constant Good place and no place 2003 Article 1985
Flyer exhibition Content Rem Koolhaas, 2003 Flyer exhibition Content Rem Koolhaas 2003 Photo 608
Ideaal! Wonen, 2002 Architectuur voor een arbeidsvrij bestaan 2002 Article 2344
Constant Nieuwenhuys-Man met hond, 2000 ca

Man met hond, ca 2000

Werk Constant gestolen 2002 Article 7037
 Cobra Museum koopt Constants Cobra Museum koopt Constants 2002 Article 6967
Portrait of Constant, made for newspaper Le Monde.

Yves Emerand

Constant at his roof terrace in Amsterdam, photo made for newspaper Le Monde. 2002 Photo 6924
Spatiovore by Bram Wisman

Spatiovore by Bram Wisman

The Playful City 2002 Article 2829
PS van de week, 25 May 2002

PS van de week, 25 May 2002

Ik wil de schilderkunst redden 2002 Article 6533
Weggepoetst, HP De Tijd Weggepoetst 2002 Article 6922
OpNieuw, February 2002

OpNieuw, February 2002

Constant Nieuwenhuys Bij de voorplaat 2002 Article 6534
AA Files 41 AA Files 41 2002 Article 7100
Constant Nieuwenhuys-with Bartomeu Mari at opening Documenta Kassel, 2002

Photo Trudy van der Horst

Constant with Bartomeu Mari at the opening of Documenta Kassel 2002 Photo 1451