Schilderijen van critici


Schilderijen van critici (Paintings of critics) in Mandril. Maandblad voor mensen nr. 10 (August 1951).

1950 Christian Dotremont

Photo Serge Vandercam

photo: Serge Vandercam

Dotremont at his place, 1950


Dotremont at his place Rue de la Paille, Bruxelles, 1950. On the wall a work by Constant, 1948.

Constant making a litho, proof print of Kat
photo: Unknown

Constant making a proof print of the litho 'Kat'


Constant at the lithographic printer in Copenhagen in 1949.

NB: We do not have a version fit for print of this image.

Constant Nieuwenhuys-Barricade, 1949

Waanzin tot kunst verheven


Review of the first Cobra exhibition in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
 in Panorama, November 01, 1949

Constant Nieuwenhuys, Appel en Corneille te paard, Tegelen, 1949
photo: Unknown

Constant, Appel and Corneille on horseback


Constant, Appel and Corneille are riding horse in Tegelen, 1949.
They were making their ceramics in Tegelen.

NB: Not available in high res!

Cobra exhibition in 1949 with works by Constant Nieuwenhuys
photo: Unknown

Cobra exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam-2


Cobra exhibition Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, November 1949: Room 8. On the upper left À nous la liberté/Après nous la liberté, 1949 on the bottom left L'animal sorcier, 1949. On the right wall three works by Zoltan Kemeny.

acques Doucet, Constant Nieuwenhuys, Christian Dotremont, Denise Atlan, Jean-Michel Atlan, Corneille and Karel Appel in studio of Jean Michel Atlan in Paris, 1949
photo: Unknown

Cobra meeting in studio of Jean Michel Atlan, Paris, 1949


Cobra meeting in the studio of Jean-Michel Atlan in Paris, 1949
F.l.t.r. Jacques Doucet, Constant, Christian Dotremont, Denise Atlan, Jean-Michel Atlan, Corneille and Karel Appel.

Subscript by Constant reads: Réunion à l'atelier de J. Atlan, Paris, 1949.


Constant and his family, 1949

Photo: J. Th. Peters

photo: J. Th. Peters

Constant and his family, 1949


On the back: Kopenhagen 1949 (at the home of Asger Jorn).
Three well shaped todlers.
F.l.t.r: Martha, Matie van Domselaer with Olga on her lap and Constant with Victor on his lap.