Constant. De late periode, 2008

Constant, De late periode


The publication of this book accompanied the exhibition Constant in het atelier at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam in 2008-2009.

This monograph about Constant, 1920-2005, focuses on the late period, from about 1970 to 2005, when he returned to painting, and the figurative, experimenting with light and color became the most important elements in his work. In combination with his social engagement, impressive, important paintings emerged. After an introduction about the period before 1970, the late period is extensively described and analyzed, illustrated with countless color images of good quality, usually one per page. The doctoral thesis art history of the author, Constant's last wife, forms the basis for this publication. Constant can be counted among one of the most important Dutch visual artists of the 20th century. (Review by M.J. Woertman-Willems on

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