From September 11, the Cobra Museum of Modern Art will present the exhibition Ben Cobra, curated by the well-known designer, artist and guest curator Aziz Bekkaoui. For this exhibition he has invited a diverse group of more than 25 special, colorful, pioneering, outspokenly creative or otherwise striking individuals: from the children’s mayor of Amsterdam Ilias Admi to Choreographer Uri Eugenio, from chair of the supervisory board of the University of Amsterdam Marise Voskens to the writer Arnon Grunberg. By linking these contemporary Cobras to the museum collection, he shows that Cobra’s quest for hope, the urge for absolute freedom, spontaneous expression and social and artistic renewal are just as important today as they were then.


    11 September 2020 - 5 April 2021

    Location (museum)

    Cobra Museum of Modern Art

    Location (city, country)

    Amstelveen, Netherlands


    Aziz Bekkaoui