Fondation Constant

Demain la poésie logera la vie

Text by Constant

Demain la poésie logera la vie (Tomorrow Life Resides in Poetry), lecture dated Paris, 19 August 1956, written as a lecture to be given at the Primo congresso mondiale degli artisti liberi (First World Congress of Free Artists), organized by Asger Jorn and Pinot Gallizio for Mouvement Internationale pour un Bauhaus Imaginiste contre un Bauhaus Imaginaire (M.I.B.I.), held in Alba (I), 2-8 September 1956.
Dutch title: In poezië zullen wij huizen.
The typed manuscript is in the Constant archive at the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD).
Republished amongst others in Documents relatifs à la fondation de l’Internationale Situationniste 1948-1957, Paris, Allia, 1985, pp. 595-597. Published in English in M. Wigley, Constant’s New Babylon. The Hyper-Architecture of Desire, Rotterdam 1998, p. 78.


    English title

    Tomorrow life will reside in poetry


    Constant Nieuwenhuys


    Lecture Alba, August 1956