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Der Weg zum unitären Urbanismus

Text by Constant

Originally written in German Der Weg zum unitären Urbanismus (The Path to Unitary Urbanism) is the only known text by Constant that establishes a link to the Situationist International. Constant was associated with this movement from 1958 to 1960.

The texts Constant wrote during the course of the 1950s are an outstanding record of how his conception of space developed into a notion of a complete urban habitat – ‘unitary urbanism’ – and the social space necessary for the development of human creativity. Constant derived the concept of unitary urbanism from Gilles Ivain, the pseudonym of Ivan Chtcheglov, who wrote about it in 1953. When Gil Wolman, a member of the Lettrist International, gave a lecture on this in Alba in 1956, Constant was instantly inspired. Constant elaborated on unitary urbanism with Guy Debord and later used it in his New Babylon project.

Dutch title: De weg naar het unitair urbanisme


    English title

    The Path to Unitary Urbanism


    Constant Nieuwenhuys


    Constant, Konstruktionen und Modelle, Essen (Galerie van de Loo), 1960



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