ZT/Jaap van Domselaer

Circa 1981.
Jaap van Domselaer was a poet and the brother of his first wife Matie. He lived with the couple in their apartment in Amsterdam during the second World War. Jaap was shot dead by the Germans when he tried to escape the occupied territory crossing the rivers to the liberated south of Holland. Jaap introduced Constant to many of the philosophers that would proof influential in Constant's visions.


J'ai vu les ours blancs

Goede Morgen Haan, pag 09-10

A small printed booklet with poetry by Gerrit Kouwenaar and drawings by Constant. They created it in 1949 and it was supposed to be a little joke. This is also one of the lines in the booklet: 'Everyone considers themself to be a joke. A joke is allowed' (Elk voelt zich een grapje, een grapje dat mag) The words and drawings are an expression of the playfullness of their creators where sometimes the words came first and the drawings followed as a reaction and sometimes the other way around.