La Part de L'Oeil | Dossier: L'architecture et son lieu, nr. 13, 1997

La Part de L'Oeil | Dossier: L'architecture et son lieu


P. 53  New Babylon ou les antinomies de l'utopie  | Hilde Heynen
Insert with the magazine:
Dear readers,
After questioning the reports of art and politics, La Part de l'CEil addresses the question of architecture. Continuing the attempt to explore and invent the aesthetic discourse. In our endeavor, our constant desire to put the discourse to the test, we have confronted our hypotheses with the very act of building and living, with architecture in its own right and the difference with other arts.
In the file, mathematicians, philosophers, psychoanalysts, visual artists and architects examine architecture as an anthropological structure, which, like language, imposes its law and manages desire. They reveal the founding relationship - often denied or repressed - of architecture to politics and poetics.
Always attentive to the interest you express in our research, we wish to thank you, dear subscribers, for the support and encouragement you have given us for many years.
With distinguished greetings,
The editorial board


    Jean Stillemans | Eliane Escoubas | Lucien Massaert | Chakè Matossian | Luc Richir


    Hilde Heynen
    Alessandro Anselmi
    Marc Berlderbos
    Alaine Degange
    Eliane Escoubas
    René Lanvendhomme
    Bertrand Ivanof
    Pierre Marchal
    Chakè Matossian
    Aram Mekhitarian
    Luc Richir
    Holger Schmid
    Jean Stillemans
    Philippe Vindal
    Viviane Guelfi
    Thomas Zacharias
    Danielle Arnoux


    La Part de L'Oeil a.s.b.l.


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