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Designer | Episode 2 of Constant 1-on-1 the podcast


This four-episode series dives into Constant’s practice as an artist, his life and the context in which he operated and built his oeuvre. Ans Boersma and Thijs van Elten dig into the archive and question friends, art historians and contemporary artists about the relevance of a legacy like Constant’s in today’s world. Listen here or find Constant 1-on-1 The podcast on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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The first episode of Constant 1-on-1, Visionary, gave an introduction to Constant development as an artist until Cobra, we leave him at the beginning of the Fifties. In episode 2, Designer, we pick up where we left off: 1952, after Cobra. Constant is looking around him a wondering how different art forms can be synthesized to have a more pronounced and positive influence on the world we live in. His quest will lead him through a labyrinth of interesting collaborations and networks and eventually to the development of New Babylon. New Babylon, Constant’s design for the world wide city of the future, was inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of the Roma and Sinti people.


In this episode of the series, we explore how it all began and what he envisioned it to look like, by speaking to the following people:

Floris Alkemade: architect and former government architect
Laura Stamps: curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Kunstmuseum The Hague
Willemijn Stokvis: art historian and Cobra expert
Ronald Tolman: artist and friend of Constant
Ludo van Halem: curator of 20th Century Art at Rijksmuseum


Constant 1-on-1 The podcast is a production of Fondation Constant and was made by Ans Boersma and Thijs van Elten.
Content editing: Kim van der Horst, Thijs van Elten and Ans Boersma.
Fact checking: Mia Lodder and Kim van der Horst.
Music: Freek Dijkstra
Music performance: NEEF. with guest musicians Madelief Lammers, Tomás Gomes, Mozes Schrijvers and PEER.
Leader: Aafke Romeijn.
Editing: Ed Spil and Thijs van Elten.
Sound fragments: Television broadcast “Met Simon Vinkenoog naar het New Babylon van Constant” (1962) — VPRO
VR-Installation “Enter New Babylon” (2021)

Constant 1-on-1 the podcast is supported by:

Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fentener van Vlissingen, Gifted Art, Iona Stichting



    Thijs van Elten
    Ans Boersma
    Freek Dijkstra
    Aafke Romeijn
    Kim van der Horst
    Ed Spil




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