Constant Nieuwenhuys-Ambiance de départ, 1959

This interview is part of the Oral History Project of Fondation Constant. The Oral History Project is financially supported by Stichting Jaap Harten Fonds and Gifted Art.

Hans Locher | Museum Director

Oral history

In this interview for the Oral History Project of Fondation Constant museum director, Hans Locher speaks about his friendship with Constant, the exhibitions he made with him, de purchase of the New Babylon collection and his personal memories of him.
Interviewer: Karel Ankerman

Hans Locher did not give permission to publish the interview on the website but both the interview and audio of the full interview, executed and documented in Dutch, is available in the archive for research purposes. Email Kim van der Horst for more information.


6 Feb 2016
Karel Ankerman
Hans Locher