Het Heilig Vuur. Cobra 1949-1951 | Schilderen na een oorlog


Documentary about the Experimentele Groep, the CoBrA group, the exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the international network and the dissolving of the group. Broadcasted on April 20, 1976. Interviews with: Martin Visser, mrs. H.T. Rooskens-Rutten, Henny Riemens (photograher and ex girlfriend of Corneille), miss Ir. J.H. Mulder (architect), Louis Tiessen, Jan Elburg, Aldo van Eyck, Anton Rooskens, Constant, Eugene Brands, Karel Appel, Corneille, Theo Wolvecamp, Tony Sluiter (ex girlfriend of Karel Appel), mrs. S.C. Brands-Tiemeyer, Christian Dotremont and Willem Sandberg.

Available to wacth for researching purposes on location in the Fondation Constant Archive. We will not distribute the movie digitally. Email Kim at