New Babylon - Adidas


“It is obvious that a person free to use his time for the whole of his life, free to go where he wants, when he wants, cannot make the greatest use of his freedom in a world ruled by the clock and the imperative of a fixed abode. As a way of life Homo Ludens will demand, firstly, that he responds to his need for playing, for adventure, for mobility, as well as all the conditions that facilitate the free creation of his own life. […]” – Constant Nieuwenhuys

Performance by Gianna Gi
Written and directed by Jonas Hegi
Creative Direction & Visual Effects by Builders Club (Jonas Hegi & Julien Simshauser)
Cinematography by Tom Elliott
Styling by Verity May Lane
Make Up by Vassilis Theotokis
Music by Kid Smpl – "Input Vein"
In collaboration with Adidas and Ash Magazine


Written and directed | Jonas Hegi
Creative Direction & Visual Effects | Builders Club
Cinematography | Tom Elliott
31 Mar 2016