Ons streven ligt in de leefsfeer

Text by Constant

Our Ambition Lies in Ambiance This is the most far-reaching of Constant’s writings about urban design as an art form. There is a crisis at hand in urbanism: old neighbourhoods have become commercialized districts, new-build developments are sterile and offer no opportunities for creative, playful human beings. As a response to this crisis, Constant proposes a ‘unitary urbanism’, an adventurous architecture, constructed for the purpose of fun. In the cities of the future, ‘distruptive’ factors like nature, climate, light and sound will be regulated in inventive ways in the form of a covered city. This will achieve the maximum social space for homo ludens to move about in. The text shows the influence of developments in space travel and increased technological possibilities.


    English title

    Our Ambition Lies in Ambiance


    Constant Nieuwenhuys


    Initially unpublished