PLAISIR ET TRISTESSE DE L'AMOUR: 3. Plaisir et tristesse de l'amour

5 color etchings with text by Fanny Kelk. Edition: 10 copies (numbered I-X) & 99 copies (numbered 1-99).
These etchings have been made after a series of five paintings on the same theme done between 1975-78.


De bekering van Venus

Pour Niño Ricardo

Edition: 25
Niño Ricardo (11 July 1904 – 14 April 1972), born as Manuel Serrapí, was a Flamenco composer, considered by some sources as the most accomplished flamenco player of his day. He played a significant part in the evolution of the flamenco guitar. He lived in the city center of Sevilla. A child guitar prodigy, his early audiences referred to him as the son of Ricardo, leading to his stage-name Niño (de) Ricardo.