Constant Nieuwenhuys-Adieu la P, 1962


Tom Haartsen

Adieu la P.

New Babylon
x 145,5cm
oil paint
Collection Fondation Constant longterm loan to Rijksmuseum Twenthe, NL



Constant says goodbye to Painting.

He advocates a complete synthesis between architecture and visual arts. This goal can only be achieved if the architect and the visual artist are willing to give up their specialism and serve a new type of artistry. The demands of a new aesthetic come down to the absolute unity of construction, function, form and color ("Van samenwerking naar absolute eenheid van de plastische kunsten, Forum. Maandblad voor architectuur en gebonden kunst, 10, nr. 6, juli-augustus, 1955, p. 207).

    English title

    Goodbye P.

    Alternate titles

    Adieu la p...
    1962 Archive entry


    Signed, dated and titled: Constant bottom left in orange paint on grey fond; dated bottom center in green paint on grey fond. Titled: Adieu la P. bottom left in purple paint on blue grey fond


    1962 Constant
    2005 Trudy Nieuwenhuys-van der Horst (Legacy Art Collection Constant)
    2006 Longterm Loan Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Amstelveen (start: exh. 'Play. The Art of the Game')
    2023 Longterm Loan Rijksmuseum Twenthe, NL

    Frame dimensions

    115,0 x 148,0 x 3,3 cm

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