Constant Nieuwenhuys-Lola de Valence, 2000
Tom Haartsen

Lola de Valence

x 40,0cm
Collection ProWinko

Lola de Valence is the title of a painting by Édouard Manet from 1862. He painted it at the start of his career when he used many Spanish themes in his work. Lola Melea aka Lola de Valence (Lola from Valencia), was the star of the Spanish de ster  ballet group of Mariano Camprubi. From August 12th till November 2nd 1862  the groupe performed in Hippodrome in Paris. Manet and his friends Baudelaire and Zacharie Astruc were very enthusiastic about the groupe and Manet convinced the groupe to pose for him in the studio of Alfred Stevens. This led to a small series of paintings and graphic work amongst which The Spanish Ballet and Lola de Valence.

Baudelaire wrote a poem about her in his Fleurs du mal (Flowers of Evil):

Lola de Valence
Entre tant de beautés que partout on peut voir,
Je contemple bien, amis, que le désir balance;
Mais on voit scintiller en Lola de Valence
Le charme inattendu d'un bijou rose et noir.

— Charles Baudelaire