Highlights of the collection | Cobra Museum of Modern Art, 2007

Highlights of the collection

Cobra Museum of Modern Art

The Cobra Museum of Modern Art Amstelveen houses a impressive collection of Cobra art. In only a few years, an inventive purchasing policy has meant that the size of the collection is such that the museum is able to show a magnificent selection of work by diverse Cobra artists, now presented in this museum guide.

Each artist, From Karel Appel to Theo Wolvecamp, is introduced alphabetically, with a lucid description of their life and work followed by highlights from their oeuvre. An introduction to the history of the Cobra movement makes the guide highly suitable for teaching purposes and as a first or renewed acquaintance with one of the twentieth century's most talked-about artistic movements.


    Willemijn Stokvis
    John Vrieze
    Elmyra van Dooren


    d'jonge Hond, Hardewijk




    Title Year Page Number
    Twee vogels 1949
    Fauna 1949 29
    Constructie met ladders 1961 30
    De eed 1947 30
    De redenaar 1949 31
    De rode vuist 1952 32
    De hand 1952 33
    Goede Morgen Haan, pag 01A-omslag 1949 95

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