Constant Nieuwenhuys-De poort van Constant, 1963


Victor Nieuwenhuys




De Poort van Constant

New Babylon
City Amsterdam, NL



Originally named Entrance to sports park Ookmeer the sculpture is located on the corner of Herman Bonpad and the Troelstralaan, Amsterdam-Osdorp. See Google map.

In 1961 (Liga) Stichting Nieuw Beelden sent the alderman of Publick Works of the municipality of Amsterdam a proposal for seven sculptures or buildings designed by artists, in some cases in collaboration with architects, for the public space. By the time announcement was printed in Bouwkundig Weekblad on November 30, 1962, Constant had already received the commission for a sculpture to mark the Entrance of Sports Park Ookmeer. The first ground plan of Ookmeer in Constant's archive dates from December 1958.

The other suggested projects were by: Mien Ruys (garden architect) & Theo Bennes (sculpture), Norbert Gawronski (architect), Hans Ittmann (artist) & Juul Neumann (artist), Hendrik Hartsuyker (architect) & André Volten (artist), Herman van der Heide (schulptor), Charles Karsten (architect), Jos Ongenae (painter), D. Sterrenberg & Herman van der Heide (schulptor).

For the design of this construction Constant used geometry from Diorama [II], 1962. He used one of the ground plans to draw the top view of a sector on, one of the first in the series Atlast New Babylon.

In 2011 Rita Doets, a former employee of district nieuw-west, left money in her will to bring the sculpture out of it anonimous state. On 21 July 2011 (Constant's birthday) a plate with information about the sculpture and its designer was revealed. With that plate the sculpture was renamed De Poort van Constant.

    English title

    Constant's Gate

    Alternate titles

    Betonplastiek bij ingang Sportpark Ookmeer
    1961 Archive entry
    Ingang van Sportpark Ookmeer, Amsterdam
    Entrance to sports park Ookmeer, Amsterdam
    Le projet de Constant pour le parc des sports Ookmeer, Amsterdam
    De Poort van Constant

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